401 sqft. - 800 sq.ft
$2.49 $1.79 / sq.ft.
More than 800 sq.ft.
$1.99 $1.39 / sq.ft.
"CANFLOOR BOUTIQUE" Flooring Sold ONLY at Steels Ave Showroom - 416-645-1775
Laminate Flooring 12.0 mm, CanfloorColor: HE 3628 LAMINATE FLOORING
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SCU: 192363450
Construction: Laminate Flooring
Collection: Canfloor UM
Country of Origin: China
Plank Width: 152.4 mm (6-0")
Plank Thickness: 12.0 mm
Surface Texture: Embossed
Joint Type: Click
Plank Style: Single Plank
Plank Length: 49.5" (1257 mm)
Wear Resistance: AC-4
Core Type: High Density Fiberboard
Color Family: Medium
Color Name: HE 3628
Click Type: Unilin Drop Lock
Gloss Level: Matte
Edge/End Type: Micro-Beveled
Installation Method: Float
Installation Level: On, Above or Below grade
Emiision Class: E-1 Standard
Radian Heat: Compatable
Warranty: 35year
Sq.Ft. per carton: 19.37
Carton's Weight: 35 lbs
Availabilty: In Stock (Subject to Prior Sale)
Warehouse Pickup: North York