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March 08, 2016

There are millions of homeowners who understand and appreciate the look of hardwood flooring. While the past few decades saw an increase in demand for smooth finished floors, this is a trend that is changing. Now, many homeowners prefer the look of a wire brushed plank, over the uniform look of a smooth plank. Learn more about this trend and the changes in the industry that have spurred it into action.

What is Wire Brushed Flooring?

When hardwood is wire brushed it will essentially undergo a process just as the name implies - a wire brush will be used to scrape the surface. This must be done during it is manufactured to create a unique texture. You can easily recognize this type flooring due to the toothed, rough consistency and accented (open) grain it displays. The other common textured flooring in use today, which is hand scraped, has a smoother and more weathered texture, as well as a more even grain. By choosing wire brushed plank flooring, you can achieve a more dramatic look in your home since more of the natural grain of the wood is exposed and you can see all of the knots and character that is present.

Advantage of Textured Flooring

There are a number of benefits that go along with choosing wire brushed flooring. One is the unique look it creates. This is very popular in the Canadian market, especially for home or business owners who are trying to create a more European look in their space. When wire brushing is used, all of the sapwood will be scraped away from the top of the planks, which leaves only the hardest wood behind. This provides another benefit, which is an increase in overall durability of the hardwood. Since the surface is already distressed, the damage that may occur due to pet claws and furniture legs will typically just blend in.

Care and Maintenance of Wire Brushed Hardwood

Since the wood has more natural crevices and nooks exposed on the surface, the wire brushed plank can often be more difficult to clean than other hardwood options. It is a good idea to clean the planks regularly to minimize the occurrence of sticky areas or compressed dirt, which can make cleaning even more challenging. Also, if you are going to refinish the surface of this flooring, you need to do so carefully. If it is not done properly, it can destroy the look of the wire brushed surface. Be sure to learn the proper methods, or hire someone for assistance to ensure the refinished floor will retain the original texture and look of the flooring.

Take some time to browse the various hardwood flooring options. Doing so will help you find a style and look you appreciate. Also, learning about care, maintenance and cost can help you narrow down the flooring that is right for your home or business. Wire brushed flooring may not be right for everyone, but if you are looking for something unique, you will likely love this variety.