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Canadian Flooring has worked diligently in the last 20+ years to establish and maintain a reputation of excellence as a leading hardwood flooring company in Canada. We offer our residential and commercial customers a variety of quality flooring materials to suite your personal style at an affordable price. So whether you decide to go with hardwood, engineered, vinyl or laminate flooring, we guarantee our floor quality & selection will fit perfectly in your residential or commercial property in Montreal.

Your Hardwood Flooring Supplier in Montreal

We’re committed to providing our valued customers with the best hardwood flooring materials. That’s why we import our own hardwoods. And because we understand the importance of giving retailers and homeowners in Montreal the opportunity to style their own homes, we also personalize our hardwood flooring for our clients by offering custom-made options of solid and engineered wood flooring. We not only strive to offer you high-quality flooring products, working within your budget is a priority for us. To ensure we have budget-friendly options available to you, we offer lower grade of unfinished or prefinished hardwood wood flooring , which cost less. Simple tell us how you want your hardwood floor to look and we’ll work diligently to supply!

Engineered Wood as an Ideal Flooring Option

This flooring option is comprised of wood bound with plywood. It is an appealing choice and is suitable for any floor due to its durability. An added advantage with engineered wood is it handles moisture and water better than real wood does. Many customers in Montreal and beyond are opting for engineered wood flooring, making it the most common flooring material in use in Canada.

Laminate Flooring

Looking for an alternative to hardwood that looks strikingly similar to actual hardwood? If so, a great option for you is laminate flooring. It also costs significantly less to buy and install – you can purchase materials and install on the same day. And since laminate flooring is low maintenance and durable, this type of flooring is a good option for areas in your home or property that have high traffic. With its stain- resistant, water-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, laminate flooring proves to be the best choice for many of our customers.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a lot like laminate flooring in that it looks like actual hardwood. At Canadian Flooring, we have a plethora of vinyl flooring selections to choose from. This flooring is easy to install, long-lasting and can be installed throughout your home, thanks to its waterproof quality.

Why Canadian Flooring is Your Trusted Flooring Supplier in Montreal

Our clients have relied on us to provide quality materials throughout Canada for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in our strong work ethic and the desire to meet your flooring needs and are dedicated to seeing your project to completion. With a large inventory of flooring selections to choose from, you can be assured that we will find one that fits your need.
Call us today to speak with one of our trained professionals about our flooring options. We’re standing by to take your call!

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