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September 27, 2016

There are people who think that an engineered wood floor is not really wood. In fact, this flooring option is real wood that’s created by bonding a number of thin layers together. The result is a sturdy product that can be used anywhere in the home. That includes areas of the house where the homeowner would not dream of installing a hardwood floor. Here are some examples of when to use an engineered wood floor and create the look that is perfect for the space.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Ask the typical homeowner about what type of flooring to use in a kitchen or bathroom and the response is likely to be tile. In fact, an engineered wood floor will work nicely in both spaces. The veneer that serves as the top layer is scratch and stain resistant. The sections are made to resist buckling or warping due to exposure to heat or moisture. That makes the engineered floor great for these two areas.


When the plan is to convert the basement for use as a spare bedroom, den, or other type of living space, something needs to be done about those concrete floors. One solution is to install a floating engineered wood floor. With a thin layer of padding underneath, it’s possible to purchase flooring that snaps together. In very little time, the basement floor will appear to be covered in hardwood. As long as the basement walls and floor were properly sealed in advance, there is no reason why the floor won’t last for decades.


Does the idea of enclosing the back porch and converting it into a sunroom sound appealing? Consider adding engineered wood flooring to the plans. The flooring will not stain easily and won’t take much to keep clean. That leaves more time for enjoying the plants found in the space and also enjoying a sunrise or sunset along with the beauty of the blooming plants.

Foyers and Hallways

There’s no doubt that engineered flooring is a practical solution for these areas. Foyers and hallways are subject to a lot of foot traffic. Other types of flooring start out looking nice, but the surface begins to look worn after being subjected to everything from dirty running shoe soles to spiked heels. Since the product will not scratch easily and does not require special cleaning products, it will be easy to keep the floor at its best for many years.

Living and Dining Rooms

That same engineered flooring will also work in high traffic areas like the living and dining room. It’s easy enough to find flooring that looks like any type and stain of hardwood floors. What will be different is the amount of time spent cleaning and keeping the floor in good shape.

The fact is that engineered wood flooring is a practical solution worthy of consideration in any area of the home. Talk with a contractor about the different styles, colors, and designs for this type of flooring option. It won't take long to find one that will make the space look better than ever.