Have you ever thought what the difference is between different types of floors? Why do people choose wood over laminate, and why they may choose for bamboo for some rooms and hardwood for others? If you have those questions on your mind you have to talk to flooring experts in Vaughan to make sure you get the most amazing results of your research in your budget range. There are as many types of floors out there as there are potential buyers of them. If you love unfinished flooring you will love the variety of options found with this Canadian seller of hardwood floors and will be surprised at the prices they have to offer. When it comes to choosing floors, wood is probably the first option that comes to mind. It is stylish, high quality, comfortable, all natural and really durable as it can last for up to a hundred years of you take care of it properly. But you also have to think about other factors such as how easy it is to care for wood and you will know definitely that wood is pretty easy to care for with just regular cleanings up and not to many changes in humidity and temperature levels. In terms of aesthetics you have a lot of choices in terms of colors and finishes. Unfinished floors can look pretty cool but everyone has their own idea of what floors should look like for their particular type of space. So don’t be afraid to make the most of it and visit the Vaughan online store for all your flooring ideas and ambitions. You can choose from ash, pine, hard maple, walnut, Russian white oak, jatoba, tigerwood, cumaru, Rose Gaboti and many other types of wood that can really make your space shine with style.